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Do you have a design service?

YES, please see our Design Service section for further information.

Do you install?

InStil Design does not offer installation of the bathrooms & kitchens we design and supply. We are happy to work with any installer and will make detailed installation drawings for any full- service jobs. starting from £12,000 incl. VAT (products only). We can also pass on contact details to installers we have worked closely with for many years. We do however not have any formal commercial relationship with these installers, and therefore we are not able to offer any additional guarantees to any they may offer to you directly.

What is the warranty on my goods?

InStil Design provides a 12-month warranty from the date of delivery for the products we supply. Many of our suppliers do however offer longer product guarantees (5, 10, 15 or even lifetime), to enable your guarantee you would need to register your product details with the manufacturer.

Are you familiar with steam rooms and Saunas?

Yes we are, we have designed and supplied several steam rooms and saunas and have the supplier chain to supply all products required. In 2017 Martina won the kbb Bathroom Designer of the year award with her bespoke steam room design for projects between £10k-£25k. Her design was selected from bathroom installations across the UK and Southern Ireland, as examples of excellence in Bathroom design.

Why are there no prices on the main website?

We do not include prices on our website as more often than not we sell a number of products together to make up a complete bathroom. This means that the overall price will reflect a number of different products, more than often selected from different collections. Prices start from around £4,000 for a cloakroom to over £50,000 for a large high spec. bathroom, Kitchens starts from £20,000 with an average kitchen cost of £60,000 plus installation. If you would like a price for an individual product that you have seen on our website, please call 01865 368810 to discuss.

Do you charge for design?

At the showroom one of our Sales Designer will be pleased to provide you with a free of charge bathroom or kitchen planning and consultation service, however we recommend our award-winning design service for full bathroom or kitchen refurbishments. For this service we charge an Engagement fee that starts from only £250 per bathroom, £300 per kitchen and £100 for a cloakroom.

How much does a bathroom and kitchen cost including installation?

A standard bathroom including all products and installation, completely finished will start from around £20,000 incl. VAT. A family bathroom with a unique design, fine fittings, and innovative space planning, implemented to an exceptional high standard will cost from £35,000 incl. VAT upwards. A standard kitchen including all units, appliances and worktops with installation starts from £30,000 incl. VAT.

Why can I not buy your products online?

Most products we sell require some specialist planning or installation and some products need to be combined with others in order to function properly. Therefore, most of our products require a site inspection before we can recommend them or guarantee that they are suitable.

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