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Case study 1 – Large family bathroom with steam room:

The project:

To transform the existing loft space bathroom into a luxurious family bathroom / steam room, with a hotel style spa feel.

The design:

This spa bathroom design creates a calming atmosphere with a spacious shower area, featuring a steam room and a concealed large shower head. The walls and floor are adorned with large matte-finish porcelain tiles, complemented by soft grey stick-like mosaic tiles that curve around the seats.

The custom-built furniture is hand-painted with F&B Pavilion Grey and has an in-framed design. The ceiling has been lifted to provide a sense of spaciousness, and the bathroom has various lighting options, including recessed speaker lights, LED strip lights, low-level lights, and wall-mounted decorative light fixtures. The lighting options can be adjusted depending on the desired ambience.

Case Study 1 bathroom finished

The room:

The old bathroom was very dated and split into two with a dressing room space to the rear.

Case Study 1 bathroom before 1

During installation:

We faced challenges with the installation due to the large bath size and narrow staircase. We used a crane to lift the bath through the bedroom window. We improved the floor’s structure during installation due to the building’s age, while also dealing with the existing drainage system that we couldn’t modify due to the building’s Grade II listing. However, the installer overcame this issue while maintaining the desired design. The eaves have a door that matches the bathroom furniture style, providing easy access for maintenance of all products, including the whirlpool pump and steam generator. A bearing beam couldn’t be removed, so it was tiled in with marble-effect tiles as cladding. The triangular space above features low-iron glass.

Case Study 1 bathroom during rip out 2

Case study 2:

case study 2

Case study 3:

case study 3a

Case study 4:

case study 4

Case study 5:

case study 5

Case study 6:

case study 6

Case study 7:

case study 7

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